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Acupuncture Awareness Day on the Hill

On February 26th, WEAMA hosted the first Washington Acupuncture legislative day on Capitol Hill in Olympia. Two amazing events happened that day. One event organized by Leslie Emerick, our lobbyist of 12 years, was created to put our feet on the ground and talk directly with our representatives. She helped us schedule meetings with our different district representatives and created "talking points" for us to share with our reps asking for their support on our current bill and bills we would like to be include in. If you would like to send your representative information please contact us at info@weama.info and we can help get you the right info to share with your district representatives.You can find what district you’re in and how to contact your representatives on the Washington State Legislator page: https://app.leg.wa.gov/DistrictFinder/

The other amazing event that happened during acupuncture legislative day was organized by the WEAMA Board to create a drop-in auricular acupuncture clinic set up in the mezzanine of the capitol building. Lobbyist, senators, representatives, aids, visitors, and Capitol employees stopped by to experience acupuncture, some for the first time. We even had a visit from our previous lobbyist who helped get us licensed "back in the day!" Everyone LOVED it! There were so many blissed out people walking around the capitol that day! We served more than 50 people in 4 hours (2, 2 hour shifts) with about 10 volunteers. We hope to have more volunteers next year so please keep an eye out for next year!

Weama is a non-profit professional association working hard to secure a strong, profitable future for Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine in Washington State.

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