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May 30, 2019 3:31 PM | Anonymous

Marketing and Insurance presentation and documents
Legislative Report
Fish and Wildlife presentation
Bylaws Report
WAEMA Survey
Please take a few minutes to share your thoughts, ideas and desires for what you want WAEMA board to focus on during this upcoming year.

A Happy Spring greeting to all;

Here is an overview of topics that were covered at the spring meeting along with links to resources for those of you that didn’t make it or perhaps wanted to review.

We started off the day with presentations of the local and national updates for the profession. Our bill HB1865 passed with flying colors and was signed into law by the Governor. The bill changed the professional name to Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine Practitioners (AEMP) as an umbrella term to include all aspects of our profession while being non-derogatory for all of our colleagues. People who prefer to go by LAc and/or EAMP are able to do so should they desire. The bill also is giving us CEU requirements which will be determined by the East Asian Medicine Advisory committee, which will now be called the Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine Advisory committee. (To obtain paying jobs in a hospital type setting, including the VA, we need to have CEU requirements.)

The other aspects of our bill that were removed got approved for a Sunrise review process, which we are entering into now. If you wish to be involved, please contact WAEMA as soon as possible.

Our Legislation Day on the “Hill” (in Olympia), was a huge success and generated a lot of good will. We plan on doing another one next year and would love for you to join us! The board has approved CEU based on the length of time that put towards legislation. Please get in touch with us if you would like CEU’s for your contribution!

Hopefully all of you who are members got the email about the great new benefit we are being offered through the ASA (American Society of Acupuncturists; our national association)! The Meridians Journal, now the JASA journal is being offered to us for only $2 an issue instead of $50 an issue!

Our national conference and legislation day is coming up at the end of the month; May 31st through June 3rd. (http://www.asacu.org) I am currently the only person going from WA state - if anyone wants to attend it isn’t too late! Please let me know, I would love to have some company. Upon returning I will report back on the exciting things that are coming up for us with legislation around the VA and Medicare as well as an update on a membership drive for 50% +1 members so the ASA can represent our profession with the AMA (American Medical Association) at the table to discuss CPT codes.

We then had an amazing talk from two practitioners that are currently working within the healthcare system; Carly Samish who works in Hospice Care and Liz Artola who works at Seattle Children’s hospital. They both shared inspiring stories of how they got their positions as well as the learning curve they experienced while adapting to the healthcare system setting. The talk offered windows of insight into one of the avenues that we are branching into.

A couple of months ago the board began to hear about Fish and Wildlife conducting searches into the offices of our colleagues looking through herbal products in search of animal products from animals on the endangered species list. Since then the board has reached out in order to work better with Fish and Wildlife to protect these animals while ensuring that their procedures are respectful of our practices and clients, and are also fully understood by our membership. To learn more, please see their presentation on our website.

After lunch we went on to have two more very informative presentations from Tyler Martin and John Frostad. Tyler owns and runs a successful clinic in Ballard and came to speak with us about building your brand in a way that holds true to who you are as well as building trust with your patients so they become your greatest marketing investment. John Frostad then came and discussed the intricacies of billing as well as an update on the work going on to make sure we get paid for the services we are providing. Charis Wolf (myself) also handed out documents on common billing codes used, CPT codes we can bill for and intake forms to bill for a 99203 when the patient qualifies. Please see the link above for this information if you missed the meeting!

We are offering these documents to members for a small fee of $15 and to non- members for $50. Please respect the work that has been put into this by your peers and their years of experience, and don’t share for free. Remember all this comes back to all of you through the efforts of an entirely volunteer board that is working hard for you!

The board then went on to vote Carly Samish, a new member onto the board as well as renewing another term as a board member for Dr Jianfeng Yang and Dr Catherine Dayhoff (DAOM).

The next vote was to change the name of the association to align with the new bill language to Washington Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine association, which passed as well.

The last hour of the board meeting went into presenting the new bylaws worked on by the bylaws committee over the last 4 months which also passed. While the new bylaws were passed, further revisions were presented to the membership that warrant more consideration. It was decided that the bylaws committee will continue and we will keep refining with further input from our colleagues.


WAEMA Survey
Please take a few minutes to share your thoughts, ideas and desires for what you want WAEMA board to focus on during this upcoming year.