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WEAMA Board Plan for Updating Association Bylaws - Posted 11/12/18

November 12, 2018 8:22 AM | Shelley Dahle (Administrator)

The WEAMA Bylaws last major overhaul was in 2010. As is often the case with laws and regulations, it is sometimes hard to predict a problem in advance. The bylaws have served the association relatively well for the past 8 years but need to be updated. To update the bylaws, WEAMA hired an attorney to review the current bylaws as they stand since 2010. After a cursory review with Attorney John Peick, we have found ambiguity in the language and a lack of clarity. The board does support a transparent process for elections and the process for vetting new board members. We want clear and consistent guidelines for the association that is consistent with state law.

This process will take some time for review, crafting new language, membership stakeholder input and the drafting of a final document. For the current volunteer board members to complete this extensive task and we are asking for your patience during the time it takes to accomplish this goal. Here is the timeline and plan for updating the bylaws:

1. WEAMA is in the process of firming up the contract with the attorney for the review and development of appropriate bylaws for the association. The goal is to have a contract with an attorney in place by mid-December, or sooner if possible, to begin working with us on updating the bylaws.

2. The Board will initiate a bylaws task force that includes 2 WEAMA members outside of the board and 2 board members who can participate in the development of the bylaws when the contract with the attorney is finalized.

3. The WEAMA Board will receive and review member applicants to be on the bylaw revision task force. If there are more than two applicants, bylaw task force members will be decided based on resumes and letter of intent as to why they want to participate.

4. The next step is to begin the review of the bylaws by the bylaw task force and the attorney, item by item, to determine whether it is still appropriate or needs to be updated. This process may take several months depending on how complicated the process is and time constraints of the bylaw taskforce.

5. After the draft bylaws are developed, we will request membership input on the suggested changes and followed by additional legal review of the suggested changes. The timing will depend on how quickly the task force and the attorney can come up with a draft document for the membership to review.

6. The draft bylaws will then be presented for review by the current WEAMA Board. Once the current board approves the draft of the updated bylaws, the bylaws will then be presented to the greater membership for additional review and comment to taken into consideration.

7. If possible, we would like to share a draft of the bylaws with the membership at least 30 days, if not sooner, before the WEAMA 2019 Spring Meeting in May.

8. It is the intent of the WEAMA Board to have a consensus from the membership on a final draft to present for final approval at our Spring Business Meeting in May 2019. (The date and location for the meeting has not been determined yet.)

We will provide plenty of advanced notice for the business meeting and want as many members as possible to attend and vote on the updated bylaws for the state association. If you are interested in reviewing the current bylaws, please go to: https://weama.info/about/bylaws If you are interested in being on the Bylaws Task Force, please forward your CV and letter of intent to info@weama.info. Thank you and we look forward to working with our membership on the development of these important provisions for our state association!

Legislative Alert!!
WEAMA is organizing a legislative day at our state capital for the first time in our associations history!

Please join WEAMA for our Acupuncture & East Asian Medicine Day in Olympia! We are going to be offering auricular acupuncture treatments in the Capital Building as a demonstration for legislators, committee and legislative staff and maybe even lobbyists, depending on who gets in line for a treatment!

Please mark your calendars for February 26, 2019. Orientation and review of talking point starting at 7 am! Let us know if you would like to be one of the practitioners demonstrating auricular acupuncture on interested parties!

WEAMA has reserved the Washington Room in Prichard Building on the Capital Campus for our legislative day. We will work with you to set up meetings with your local legislators to advocate for acupuncture. More info to come as we get closer to the date!


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