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New Practitioner Directory w/search!

October 05, 2016 10:50 AM | Ash Goddard

Our website now has a searchable "Practitioner Directory" so our members may be more easily located. The directory is searchable by various criteria including name, zip code, city, clinic name, and specialty, so please be sure to check your profile at and update if necessary! 

This new benefit is yet another step WEAMA is taking to heed the suggestions of our members and better serve you in your practice and profession.  Thank you for your membership.

We'll see you on October 16 at the Fall Semi-annual Membership Meeting just around the corner! 

Update Profile
Please use the following link to update your profile as needed:
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Lapsed members
Please log in at the link below
 to renew your membership
 in order to be included in this directory.
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Password Reset

Also, in the application process, some members have chosen to not display certain information in their profile, so this information will be hidden on the directory.  Other members would not like to have some information to be displayed publicly.  We want to honor your preferences with this Practitioner Directory.  Once you login, select PRIVACY to edit the fields you would like to display or hide.