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Suicide Prevention Training Opportunity- 08.25.2021

August 25, 2021 9:36 AM | Shelley Dahle (Administrator)

Attention: If you have not yet completed your required suicide prevention training, please take advantage of the following training opportunity offered by, All Patients Safe, provided free to all medical providers through November 30, 2021.

All Patients Safe offers an engaging and informative option for providers and client-facing staff to become better skilled at suicide prevention. Perspectives of real patients coupled with practical skills help medical providers transfer what they learn to their practice and community. This training meets Washington State's licensure requirements for health care providers to assist in reducing suicide through improved trainings. Details & registration here.

Please Note: In 2019 the WA state legislature passed SHB 1865 which mandated continuing education (CE) requirement for acupuncture and Eastern Medicine practitioners (AEMPs). The bill requiring CE’s was incorporated into the statute regulating AEMPs,RCW 18.06.240. There is a Continued Education requirement for all Washington state AEMPs to take a one-time 6-hour class in suicide prevention (Click for details) 

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