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Point Injection Clarification
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Our Spring 2016 Semi-annual Membership Meeting was a great success thanks to you! Click HERE to read the report.

Members can access the latest issue of Meridians Journal HERE.

The WA State Attorney General has issued his opinion stating that dry needling is not within the PT's scope of practice. You can read the full opinion HERE.

Governor Jay Inslee signed our bill, SHB 2448, which helped clarify over 30 years of ambiguity.

We would like to give a special thanks to our sponsors:

  Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Center
  Amasia Acupuncture & Herbs 

    Acu-Herbs Oriental Medicine Clinic
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    Bastyr University
    Chunlin Gao Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine 
    Eastside Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Center
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    Mountlake Acupuncture Corp.
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    University Healing Center Inc
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